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Sprint update for HTC One improves the touch key sensitivity of the device

Sprint update for HTC One improves the touch key sensitivity of the device


Sprint is presenting new software updates for HTC One, which is coming up with the version number 1.29.651.10. The basic change in HTC One’s software is an improvement in Home and Back key sensitivity. The HTC One has a little flaw in the design, as it seems the keys situated below the screen don’t respond perfectly well. The touch target of these keys, which are too small in size causes this problem. Fortunately the recent update will enable HTC to have increased size target so that it can be easily activated. Some other changes of the Sprint update for HTC One are the improvements in Sprint Zone client as well as the Blink Feed feature.

Last year HTC has introduced a new Android flagship the HTC One X and now HTC One X is becoming equipped with BlinkFeed homescreen and Zone camera, which are part of the upcoming update that it will enhance Sense to version 5.0. According to one source, Developer LlabTooFeR posted on twitter that HTC One X is coming with updated Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. In addition the phone is featured with Zoe camera with about 3 seconds preview. It is not yet known if the One X will present all the features of One flagship or not, moreover if the highlights reel would be available in gallery or not. HTC One X will be updated to Sense 5.0 UI, which is the newer, simpler version that is more like HTC’s Android skin. Also, with the help of BlinkFeed homescreen you can get all your social updates in a collective tile-organization view.

HTC One from Sprint is a dual CDMA/GSM device with the following specifications:

LTE 1900
WCDMA 1900 / 2100
CDMA 800 / 850 / 1900
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900s


Yes, the Sprint HTC One has a SIM card. HTC ONE is a global phone that once unlocked, you can roam internationally by changing Sprint’s SIM with a local carrier abroad. The phone is SIM LOCKED out of the box. For unlocking your HTC One in order to use it with any compatible GSM networks in roaming, you can access our ordering form.

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