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HTC showrooms and the best deals for buying the HTC One

HTC showrooms and the best deals for buying the HTC One

HTC ONE black silver

You’re looking the best deals for buying the HTC One? Now you can place pre-orders for HTC One to Big Box retailer Best Buy. The store will trade for branded models with T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T logos. Moreover the store will only receive pre-orders for 32 version of HTC One in Glacial Silver color. The handset is also offered in Stealth Black and for 64GB variant, AT&T is considered exclusive.

Sprint and AT&T versions of the HTC One are available at price of $199.99 with two years signed contract. Best Buy is offering T-Mobile handset version, for a cost of $249.99 also with a signed two-year contract. Unlike T-Mobile and its corporate owned stores, national retailers are not able to account for handset sales therefore even the authorized retailers such as Best Buy would not be offering new phones with EIP that is used by nation’s fourth largest retailer in its retail locations. That plan allows the carriers to ask buyers to pay $99 first and then pay rest of the balance in $20 installments that involves 24 months installment plan.
For the ease of the customers, Best Buy has also a web page where those who are interested in HTC One versions of Sprint and AT&T can place their orders, as these carriers are source-linked. You can’t find a direct link for T-Mobile therefore you have to manually search for their web page if you want to place pre-orders. For all three mobile operators’ customers, Best Buy will offer HTC One on April 19th, which is a little bit later than the release date initially estimated by HTC.

Another deal for new or existing Sprint customers is Wierefly, which is taking pre-orders of HTC One at a price of $149.99 with a signed two-year contract. You have another option as well, to get Sprint version of HTC One at a cost of $199.99 from Radio Shack and also get Google play store gift card for $50 and a $10 Radio Shack credit.

As Apple has its own stores and Samsung also has its stores inside Best Buy HTC is now planning to open its own showrooms. For the time being, HTC is going to occupy some places in shopping centers over US, in order to highly promote its flagship, the HTC One. HTC is aware of the fact that it had not played hard last year with One series, and didn’t focused its power and potential against S III launch and in the result couldn’t get the fame of Samsung. This year HTC Company has decided to turn the case, and became more aggressive in trading its products. HTC is now planning to capture the high traffic and launch HTC ONE in US retail market, where the focus would be to launch the device first in Atlantic, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C.

HTC’s North America marketing vice president, Eric McGee has remarked that HTC One showrooms would present the concept of a pop-up place where HTC expects to create large, playful, interactive exhibits for its customers and provide as well, a whole new experience with the HTC One.

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