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HTC Sense 5.0 officially revealed with HTC One

HTC Sense 5.0 officially revealed with HTC One

Lately with the MWC approaching, a lot of leaked pictures of the upcoming HTC M7 have been unveiled. These pictures seem to be more and more clearer shots of the device but the great news coming with these pictures is the new HTC Sense 5.0 user interface.

HTC’s Sense user interface is one of the best overlays available on Android devices, and now with the HTC Sense 5.0 we are expecting significant improvements.
In the screenshots we’ve first seen on XDA Developers and Android Police it seems that HTC Company is working on a much more stylish, modern design, not only with its new fresh minimalist icons, but also with its clock widget and also new widgets for news, social feeds, help tips and tutorials.

Also on the home screen it appears to be a lot more space by default, leaving plenty of room for app icons, that are now certainly more popular than the large old fashion clock and a massive weather graphic. We also can see a page with customizable tiles that has a glimpse of Windows Phone, leading to the practical idea of a screen where you can have access to feeds and news, all in one place.

These screenshots let us know and fell more about the new look Sense 5 UI. It’s definitely a lot cleaner than Sense 4, which was also infinitely cleaner than 2011′s Sense 3. A sharped eye could have observed till now HTC’s slight tendency to overdo the UI designs with gradients. As far as we can anticipate from the leaked pictures it looks like the company definitely adapted Sense 5 overlay for larger, higher resolution displays and created a more actual, simple and refined look.
As we seen multiple screen shots and pictures of HTC Sense 5 running on HTC M7, other images have appeared on showing a HTC Droid DNA running HTC’s custom UI Sense 5. Definitely this is an initial firmware build of the HTC M7, which was ported afterwards to the HTC Droid DNA.

Since HTC has not officially announced the M7 and Sense 5, there’s no possibility of knowing yet if the company has plans to update the Droid DNA, Butterfly or other HTC’s 2012 handsets to HTC Sense 5. But considering that DNA is mostly the same hardware as the M7 we can’t imagine it would be harder than putting Sense 4 on the Rezound, which was done.This isn’t a new android version though. Being updated with a new UI by the manufacturer is going to be a bit different than a full android update. One less step for it to pass through, so I would hope we might see it sooner.

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