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HTC One 802W- two SIM card device with microSD card slot, version for China

HTC One 802W- two SIM card device with microSD card slot, version for China


We already know what HTC is planning with HTC One in US and Europe but when it comes to China, surprisingly the latest HTC One is equipped with microSd card slot. Mostly we don’t find HTC having introduced microSd in its products but now in addition to two SIM slot and removable back cover, HTC One offers microSD card slot. You know what, usually we don’t care for removable back cover and two SIM card slot but microSD card slot is not a thing to be ignored. Unfortunately you can still not expose to battery.

An anonymous Sina Weibo (like Chinese Twitter) user has revealed the image of HTC One 802w, informing the exact characteristics. The image shows back cover between plastic lines and two SIM card slots as well as right below the camera a microSD slot. Interestingly the Chines version is with removable back cover but European version lacks this feature and has no removable back cover but only a secondary SIM slot and a microSD slot. The good news is, the European version possess LTE, which is amazing.

Currently HTC One is in the list of three Chinese carriers, China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom. These Chinas three carriers China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom are heading towards getting 802w, 802t and 802d respectively. The European version is 801n; probably the last digit shows the number of SIM slots in the device. In US, three to four carriers are accepted to trade HTC One.

Thanks, finally the launch of HTC One has been announced. The carriers have started to accept pre-orders for HTC One from 5th April but the actual launch of new Android HTC One is expected officially on 19th April. The price estimate of HTC One is about$199.99 on contract. Those who are interested can leave email to Spring, which will update the registered candidate about the launch of HTC One. More information about the phone is that it will be available in black and silver along with 32GB storage. The microSD slot is not supposed to be used as storage and it has LTE connectivity.

When it comes to unlocking HTC One, we  also support carriers from China so have us in mind if this is your case.

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