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HTC Ignite and HTC Prime could go official soon

HTC Ignite and HTC Prime could go official soon

A few months back, there was news about the announcement of the release of a couple of smartphone devices along with HTC Sensation. These devices were HTC Prime and HTC Ignite. However, after these initial rumors, the devices went off the scene and there wasn’t any further news about them for quite a while. On the other hand, HTC Sensation went official after a while and was available for sale. Now according to the latest resources, the devices might be accounted for final release any time now since a Dutch website have released their screen shots from which it seems that these devices are ready to be sold.

From the initial news, it is clear that these devices would be running Windows Phone 7 OS. Previously, these devices were uncovered on a Chinese website along with HTC Sensation but although Sensation went official after that, these devices were not released. Now the popular retail client ThePhoneHouse has listed these devices among the ‘Coming soon’ devices so users can expected these devices to be released by the end of this year or the start of the next year.

Detailed technical specifications of these devices are not known yet. From little that we know, HTC Prime would be a mid range device with a 3.7 WVGA screen and would contain an integrated camera with LED flash. The RAM memory of this device would be 512 MB but information about the processor is not known yet. As for HTC Prime, this device would be running on an 800 MHz processor with RAM memory of 512 MB. Additionally, this device would also have a 5 MP integrated camera. Both these devices would have support for GSM and UMTS carriers. It is not known whether the devices would be available unlocked or would require manual IMEI unlocking. Other detailed specifications of the devices are unknown. However, it is expected that both devices would be equipped with common mobile applications and come with a default support for various important social networking applications.

Further detailed specifications about the devices might be released any time now and although the exact release date and price of the device is not known yet, it is expected that these devices would be ready to be released by the end of this year. So those who were waiting anxiously for the devices after the initial display won’t have to wait for too long now.

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