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How to transfer data to Windows Phone 8?

How to transfer data to Windows Phone 8?

It’s been available for over a month and it’s in your hands now, HTC Windows Phone 8X and HTC Windows Phone 8S. You spent some time with the smartphone and now you need to transfer over the data from the old phone. It’s about contacts, pictures, music, videos or other documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and if you use Windows Phone app, some online services and Bluetooth, transferring data should be a simple thing to do.

Windows Phone 8 is the latest Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system and HTC 8X and 8S runs on it. There are slightly little changes between WP8 and WP7, and the main distinguishable one is on the live tiles concept. Till now with WP7 we had essentially just one size of tile comparing with WP8 now having three sizes of tile available. So the user can easily personalize the home screen giving it a personal utility by resizing tiles and have far more options to launch applications and see information with one look at the screen.

Contact List

The first thing you’ll need to find on your new phone is the Contact list.
Most likely you have used Hotmail, Outlook, Google or Facebook and saved your contact to these or other online services. If you’re in this position you need to add the right online account for synchronizing People hub on your Windows Phone.

These are the steps you need to follow for adding an online account:
1. On your home screen swipe left, then scroll down and tap “Settings”.
2. Select “emails + accounts”, then “add an account”.
3. Choose the appropriate account and follow the steps.

If you need to copy the contacts from your old phone memory you should use Bluetooth. Just enable Bluetooth on both phones and pair it with each other by confirming the password. Select the contacts and make the transfer.

If your contacts are copied on the SIM Card proceed like this:

1. Press “Menu” – Highlight “Contacts” and “Select”
2. Highlight “Copy contacts” and “Select” – Select from phone to SIM card.

Migrating photos, music and movies

In order to quickly have these data transferred you need to download Windows Phone app. If your computer runs at least Windows 7 when you connect your Windows phone to the computer using USB cable, you’ll be asked to download Windows Phone app. If you are Mac user you can download the app from Mac App Store.

Install the application and then make the following selections for synchronizing music from your library:
1. Make the “pc” selection in the upper right corner of the WP app.
2. Select “ photos” in the upper left corner (you can also select “music” or “videos “or “podcasts” or ringtones depending on what you want to transfer first.
3. Make a click in the “ sync photos” checkbox.
4. Choose the photos you want to transfer.
5. Click the “Sync” button in the lower right.
6. If you want to quickly import all your photos/music/videos/podcasts/ ringtones just click “ Sync all”, ex: “Sync all music”

For transferring data you can also use SkyDrive storage online. You need to sign in your account from your phone, make sure you have data connection (Wi-Fi or mobile account) and you have immediate access to save and share content using your HTC.

Also if you explore Window Market App you’ll find dedicated app that will help you transfer all the data you need. One of these apps is call “SaveIt!” and will help you move contacts, calendar, pictures and videos from any smartphone to your new Windows Phone completely over-the-air for free. No cables to desktops or laptops or complicated steps involved.

Now we invite you to play and enjoy your new Windows Phone and if you want to make things even better and use it unlocked, don’t forget that we are here at, to unlock HTC Windows Phone 8S or  unlock HTC Windows Phone 8X, in an instant!

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