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A Windows 8 version of HTC One with metal body and Beats Audio to be launched this fall

A Windows 8 version of HTC One with metal body and Beats Audio to be launched this fall


There is no doubt in the fact that HTC One has proved to be one of the most popular, perhaps the most popular, devices form HTC. During the last one year, the company has launched some of the finest devices in the market and HTC One is an eloquent example of this fact. Other than the amazing features and cutting-edge technology, the device also has a beautiful design. But for users who only want to use Windows Phone mobile, the obvious problem is that HTC One is an Android device. Recently HTC launched its latest Windows 8 phone, the HTC 8XT, which is a worthwhile addition in the Windows 8 devices available in the market. Now it seems that HTC is planning to capitalize on the popularity of HTC One by launching a Windows 8 version of HTC One. Well, if this happens, it certainly would increase the market reach of HTC and the demand for HTC One.

As per the sources, HTC is already working on such a variant of the device. However, it seems that there would be minor structural differences in the phone, other than the obvious differences in its hardware features. According to these speculations, the display size of the Windows Phone device would be between 4 and 5 inches. This means that the display size would be smaller than HTC One, but there might be other differences, although minor. However, it would certainly be a mistake to assume that this would be an entirely new device. According to the information so far available, this device would have the same metal body and Beats Audio as HTC One.

Rumor also has it that this Windows device would come pre-loaded with Windows Phone GDR 3, which means that it would have support for both 1080p displays as well as quad-core processors. But of course, details about the possible technical specs of this new device are still in the domain of rumors and speculations, and there is no official confirmation from HTC for the time being.

There is also no word on the exact release date and price of this phone, although sources have said that it might be announced in the fall of this year. To run Windows 8 on this kind of hardware, certain customizations would be needed, particularly if HTC would need to run Beats and UltraPixel camera on it. Let’s see how this phone turns out to be. It certainly would be very interesting to use Windows Phone OS on a new hardware which we have previously only used with Android.

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