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HTC Trophy Reappears as Windows 7 Phone

In May 2010 seemed that the HTC Trophy (piece-like BlackBerry with QWERTY keyboard) was canceled. Now the HTC Trophy reappears as Windows 7 Phone (exit WM 6.5) and will be released before the end of 2010.

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HTC T8788 – AT&T Windows Phone 7 media device

It seems that AT&T is going to bet on Windows Phone 7. This new Windows 7 Phone, HTC T8788 is a landscape slider that slide to reveal, not a keyboard how you may expect, but a speaker. (Source: Engadget)

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HTC HD3 renamed HD7, launch October 18 2010

In an internal document from O2 UK, it can be found a reference to the HTC HD7 launch day: October 18. It is very possible that the HTC's successor to the popular HD2 it will be named not HD3 but HD7, to honor first Winows Phone 7 handset. (Source: Engadget)

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HTC Desire HD – HTC Desire Ace early listing on Amazon UK

Electricpig spotted an Amazon UK listing for the HTC Desire HD also known as HTC Ace. We do not have new details about the configuration of the phone or the OS: Android or Windows 7 but is sure that with the occasion of the HTC event from September 15th 2010 we’ll get all the details.

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HTC Schubert – First Windows 7 HTC Handset (VIDEO)

HTC Schubert is the first Windows 7 device confirmed by HTC. The seems to be available from Window Phone 7 "Day One". (source 247windowsphone)

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Windows handset HTC Spark confirmed

After the confirmation of HTC Mondrian and HTC Mozart, HTC Spark name appears in a XML file from the HTC' site. Although is been thought to be a CDMA phone, the XML suggested a dual mode device. (source wmpoweruser)

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Mystery HTC Windows Phone 7 device

A candybar slate from HTC with a 3.7-inch SLCD and 1GHz Snapdragon processor -- sounds about rightfor the Desire, but this little puppy is actually running Windows Phone 7 (presumably a developer build, given the apps catalog). According to our tipster, the three buttons under the screen are touch-sensitive à la Nexus One, the camera boasts 8 megapixels of memory retention, and the "hardware is ready." (read more on Engaget)

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