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HTC Bee and HTC Lexikon info

HTC Bee and HTC Lexikon Specifications have leaked out.The Bee it will be a Verizon and Cellular South entry-level handset. With a larger display, a QWERTY keyboard, and a MSM7630 Snapdragon processor, the Lexikon looks very similar to HTC Vision/G1 Blaze/Desire Z. (source

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HTC Desire HD (HTC Ace) and HTC Desire Z (HTC Vision)

The rumors are confirmed and two new handsets will come this fall. In the logistics system of Vodafone D2 GmbH the selling names of the two phones appears in one spare parts list. The Vodafone commercial names are HTC Desire HD (HTC Ace) and HTC Desire Z (HTC Vision). Remains to be seen what will be the worldwide name for the HTC Vision because it is almost sure that T-Mobile will sell the Vision as HTC G1 Blaze. (Source:

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HTC Vision renamed HTC G1 Blaze

HTC Vision it could arrive with a different moniker: T-Mobile may call it the "G1 Blaze." (read more on Engaget)

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