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HTC Marvel and HTC Doubleshot in T-Mobile roadmap

A few days ago a roadmap of T-Mobile leaked. It seems that then next two months will be very interesting for you if you are or plan to become a customer of T-Mobile. Besides some phone of other manufacturers T-Mobile will launch HTC Sensation 4G in June 8th and HTC Marvel / HTC Doubleshot,  myTouch 4G Slide on July 6th. HTC Doubleshot or also known as myTouch 4G Slide has been rumored since March. It'll run a Qualcomm's 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, will come with Android 2.3 and a silding QWERTY keyboard. HTC Sensation 4G is already available in Europe and it seems ...

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HTC DoubleShot a.k. HTC myTouch Slide 4G

The HTC Doubleshot may theoretically come out in this summer on T-Mobile USA and it may be the next follower of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide. This means that we'll soon see more information and hopefully a number of pictures with the handset. Just yesterdays a tipster gave the information that HTC DoubleShot will be found not two but three colors and is very possible to be called myTouch 4G Slide. A few days ago, we've been teased with a few of the HTC Doubleshot's specs with thanks to the appearance with the device's user agent profile, however nowadays we have got ...

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