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HTC Bliss and Kingdom Cases Spotted at Amazon

Cases held to be those of HTC Bliss and Kingdom are already being sold at Amazon. So far, the two devices are rumor mill spin-offs, though the HTC Kingdom has already been pictured. It has become a common thing for retailers to advertise accessories for yet-to be launched devices in preparation for use once the gadgets enter the market. However, we can state for sure that what we have witnessed lately is not merely speculative advertising. The design of the cases being sold at Amazon suggests that their manufacturer, Qubits already knows more than meets the eye regarding the nature and ...

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HTC Desire HD – HTC Desire Ace early listing on Amazon UK

Electricpig spotted an Amazon UK listing for the HTC Desire HD also known as HTC Ace. We do not have new details about the configuration of the phone or the OS: Android or Windows 7 but is sure that with the occasion of the HTC event from September 15th 2010 we’ll get all the details.

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