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M8 the successor of HTC One codenamed HTC One 2 or HTC M8X to be launched late Match in NYC

M8 the successor of HTC One codenamed HTC One 2 or HTC M8X to be launched late Match in NYC


Any device from HTC bearing a resemblance with HTC One will certainly be a much appreciated device. And it appears that the company is gearing up to launch just that device. Previously only rumored, it seems that the phone called HTC M8 will soon turn out to be a reality in an official announcement by the tech giants.

M8 the successor of HTC One codenamed HTC One 2 or HTC M8X is going to be launched late Match in NYC, post MWC.

The handset was recently certified in Indonesia so it seems that the official announcement will not only take place, it is also not very far. The mobile made an appearance on Indonesia’s mobile and telecommunications authority Postel’s page. It is expected that the phone will be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress which is just around the corner.

Another device that was spotted along with HTC M8x, called HTC Desire 310, was recently unveiled by the company. This one is a mid-level phone with low-end specs. This device will most probably be launched only for the Chinese market and there isn’t much anticipation for it. However, there is considerable excitement for the other mysterious phone and it seems that the company is keeping that one for the big event.

HTC M8 is just the internal moniker of the phone and we are not sure what name will be given to it when it is unveiled. Perhaps it will be called something like HTC One 2 or an altogether different name. There is also not any confirmed information regarding the technical specs of this giant device. However, rumors and speculations abound and people are expecting some real cutting-edge features for this device. Among the specs, we are expecting 1080p display of about 5 inch size, Android 4.4 KitKat with Sense user interface and a quad-core processor. Besides, certain improvements in the camera and storage departments are also expected compared to HTC One.

HTC has so far not announced any release date or price for HTC M8. Only the coming days will tell us anything about these details and the technical features of the device. Most probably the company will unveil this anticipated device during Mobile World Congress, which is held to take place by the end of this month, which means that we won’t have to wait for too long.

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