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The 4G LTE network is the latest technology in the arena of smartphones and tech giants seem to be in competition on this front as well. Already the technology has been announced by Verizon Wireless in several cities of the US. This was released in the fall of 2011 and proved to be highly successful, after which Verizon has decided to release this technology for several other major cities. Most of the major manufacturers of mobile devices have released their devices under contract with Verizon to benefit from this technology. This suit is also being followed by other carriers not only in the US but also outside of US. According to the latest news, the LTE network is now also coming in the UK and O2 is the carrier that would be testing the newly build 4G network in London. At initial stages, the network might be restricted to London only, but at the later stages it would be expanded to other areas as well, considering the initial response and feasibility.

Areas that would be covered in the initial test run of the network include Canary Wharf, Soho, Westminster, South Bank and Kings Cross, and 20 additional sites. This makes a total area of about 40 square kilometers. To cover this entire area, O2 has engaged more than a thousand testers for the purpose of gaining the required statistics and performance reports. If the initial tests performed turn out to be successful, O2 would most probably be releasing the 4G LTE network some time in 2012, but we can’t expect it to be too early since a lot of processing needs to be done as yet. But O2 would certainly have an edge over the competitors after it launches the 4G LTE network and others would, sooner or later, have to follow the suit to remain in the competition. On the other hand, this is certainly very exciting news for the UK users of mobile devices since this would be the first time any carrier would be introducing this technology in UK. The technology has previously proven to be quite successful under Verizon in the United State so most probably it would be popular in UK as well. For the time, all we can do is wait and see how the situation turns out to be.


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