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HTC vs Apple – legal battle

HTC vs Apple – legal battle

The ongoing legal battle between HTC and Apple over the patent rights has finally been concluded, with Apple emerging as a victor. Previously, HTC had accused Apple about infringing its patents rights but the court has given the verdict in favor of Apple. The US International Trade Commission, in its ruling said that Apple has not infringed upon any of HTC-owned patents.

Previously, ITC had ruled that Apple had indeed violated some of the patents owned by HTC related to the S3 graphics, but this specific violation was related to OS X which Apple has already fixed and there isn’t any more violation. Regarding iOS, however, there is not any kind of violation, as stated by ITC in the ruling. HTC was hoping to arrive at some kind of settlement with Apple after having acquired the S3 graphics but any kind of deal seems highly improbable now. HTC, on the other hand, is clearly not satisfied by the decision. According to the general counsel of HTC, Grace Lei, HTC has been disappointed by the decision and would soon file an appeal.

HTC and Apple have been in a legal battle for quite a while and regarding several issues. So it is also expected that ITC might be giving its ruling about HTC violating the patent rights of Apple. A case about this issue was filed by the iPhone manufacturer earlier this year. According to his case, HTC has been infringing the patent rights of Apple by using the Sense UI since the technology used in that interface has been patented by Apple.

It seems that the war between Apple and Android has been accelerating with the increasing competition and we can clearly expect more court room dramas to follow in near future. Apple has previously been involved in a legal battle against Samsung regarding the same patent problems. HTC had lodge a complaint against Apple in September after it purchased the tech patents from Google. These parents were mainly about the wi-fi capability and processor communication technology. So far this happens to be the third complaint that HTC has filed against Apple over the infringement of patent rights. But with the decision it seems that the chances of HTC winning this particular battle are not very bright.

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