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HTC to produce Liquidmetal casings smartphones till the end of the year

HTC to produce Liquidmetal casings smartphones till the end of the year


HTC is one of the leading brands right now due to the very advanced technology they use. The aluminum casing of HTC One is the evidence of an amazing engineering. The latest rumors regarding HTC devices is that they plan to change their raw material cases and switch to Liquidmetal cases, later this year. According to a published report on Tuesday morning, the Taiwan based HTC manufacturer might be considering building smartphones holding Liquidmetal casings in the second half of 2013.

It seems that HTC is going to work with the Chasis maker, Jabon international. This Taiwan Company would supply Liquidmetal chassis to the smartphone manufacturer. Liquidmetal it’s an alloy, which defies the aging process and provides strength along resistance to wear. It is also rumored that Apple has already signed a two-years contract with Liquidmetal Intellectual from US and is hiring people with experience in chassis building.

At room temperature amorphous metal alloy is not liquid but unlike the crystalline metals traditional characteristics, Liquidmetals are liquid at room temperature. They can be molded like plastics with double strength given by some alloys like titanium alloy.

At the moment, the luxury watchmakers like Vertu are using this technology. If HTC is really planning to incorporate this new technology, then the company will surly try to save time in manufacturing units as metal casings and also increase durability. The use of Liquidmetal in HTC will be different from use in luxury watch making. You can observe it by watching Omega’s video about how Liquidmetal is infused in bezel of ceramic of the Limited Edition Seamaster Planet Ocean. Metal alloys are good for instance, as they retain scratch free surfaces longer than other competing materials do, but the Liquidmetal possess double strength. It is also a replacement of titanium alloys in goods ranging from medical instruments to military cars and aerospace industry.

The famous inventor of alloy, DR Atakan predicted that it would cost about $300 million to $500 million to Apple for building Liquidmetal casing for Apple iPhone.
HTC chasis partner, Catcher Technologies denied these rumors by saying there is nothing about HTC using Liquidmetal chassis. Presently aluminum chassis used in HTC One are serious demand, so it is early to conclude anything about Liquidmetal casings at this moment.

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