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HTC Titan vs Nokia Lumia 900 – Head to head!

HTC Titan vs Nokia Lumia 900 – Head to head!

HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 can be considered two of the very best Windows based phone in the market at present. However, the goals of the manufacturers seem to be quite different for both these devices. Nokia has a lot at stake when it comes to Lumia 900 and that is the reason why the company exerted a lot of efforts to make this phone a success. The phone indeed proved to be an immense success and is being called by many to be the very best Windows phone at present. HTC Titan II, on the other hand, no doubt has impressive technical specs as well. But HTC is not depending much on this phone since it is already among the leaders of Android market.

Both these devices were announced during CES 2012 and were also made available from AT&T on the same day. There are certain things in common between these two giant devices and a short comparison of the two phones is presented here. The advantages that HTC Titan II would give you over Nokia Lumia 900 include a slightly faster CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz, a larger 4.7 inch screen, and reduction in weight by 13 grams. Besides, the video recording on this phone also has better continues shooting mode.

Now talking about the advantages of Nokia Lumia 900 over HTC Titan II, it seems to have better design compared to its competitor. The 4.3 inch AMOLED screen of Nokia Lumia also has better pixel density and can be considered a better match for Windows OS. Besides, the 8 mega pixel sensor of the phone has a much more impressive dynamic range. The battery life performance of this handset is also better than HTC Titan II. Finally, the price factor also plays an important role and when purchased under contract, this phone costs almost half as much as HTC Titan II.

Overall, it seems that Nokia Lumia 900 has an edge over HTC Titan II both from hardware as well as software aspects. The polycarbonate body of Nokia Lumia, coupled with its impressive pixel density and contrast levels certainly make it a delight to use. No doubt this can be considered not only the best smart phone from Nokia so far, but also the best Windows OS based handset in the market at present.

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