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HTC Titan

HTC Titan

Although the main area of focus of HTC remains to be Android based phones, the company has also been investing in other phones, most notably Windows Phones. Among the recent devices released by HTC, HTC Titan is a noteworthy phone in the Windows Mobile based phones line. This phone has recently been launched under contract with AT&T. Talking about the technical specifications of HTC Titan, this device showcases a massive 4.7-inch WVGA  display and would be running on a powerful 1.5 GHz Qualcomm S2 processor. The phone has 16 GB of internal storage along with 512 MB of RAM memory.

The camera that has been integrated into this device is particularly noteworthy. Containing the F2.2 auto-focus lens and the facility of dual-LED flash, we have an 8 mega pixel back end camera on this device. The back-illuminated sensor facilitates taking good snapshots under low light situations. This camera also has an ability to capture 720p HD videos. Other than the rare end camera, we also have a front camera of 1.3 mega pixels which would facilitate video chatting, conferencing and self portraits etc. The powerful 1650 mAh battery that is part of this device has an ability to keep the device running for more than 35 hours.

The tradition of HTC to release mobile phones with large screens continues with this device as well. And although this phone has a massive screen, the phone itself is quit slim and smart. The device comes in aluminum uni-body shell having fairly reasonable screen dimensions of 131.5 x 70.7 x 9.9mm. Compared to most other HTC phones, this device has a slimmer body and the weight is also considerably less.

HTC Titan is available in unlocked form as well as under contract with AT&T. When purchased under the contract, it would cost you $199.99 while the price of the device in unlocked form happens to be $549.99. With AT&T, it would come under a two year contract. If the price seems a bit higher to you compared to most other smartphones in the market, you can wait for a while till you find a deal of your choice on Amazon and similar other online vendors. The device, however, is pretty cool and certainly should be given a try, considering that the latest Windows Mobile 7.5 is gaining a lot of appreciation from critics and common users alike.

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