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HTC Sensation – Touchscreen issue

HTC Sensation – Touchscreen issue

Just a few days ago, HTC Sensation could easily be considered the very best HTC phone released so far. But after recently the problem of death grip was spotted with the device, it seems that there is more to come. Several users of the device have complained about the unresponsive behavior of the touchscreen of the device. According to those users, the touchscreen of the device becomes unresponsive after some time and misses some inputs. This problem, however, is not widespread at present and relatively lesser number of customers has complained about it. Initially, it was thought that this issue is just with a few people who were not applying right pressure on their screen, but it seems that this problem is spreading and more numbers of people are complaining about the same issue.

There usually isn’t any problem with the brand new device but just after the use of a few days, when the touchscreen loses its mojo, the problem starts emerging and the screen fails to register some of the inputs. The problem can clearly be viewed on the lock screen when you try to slide the ring to unlock the device but the ring only keeps sliding away. Several users contacted HTC because of this problem. HTC responded by asking the users to restore the company settings of their device, but even this didn’t help and the problem persisted. Replacing the headset also is not much of a help since the problem is spreading constantly and some users are facing this problem on their 3rd or even 4th set. What’s more, there also seems to be some problem with the camera of some sets. With this problem, when you take the picture from the camera of the device, it tends to restart the phone. This means that the firmware of HTC Sensation is having some serious bugs and need to be revised as soon as possible.

Several people have displayed their disappointed upon the above facts since Sensation happens to be among the very best devices HTC as released so far. If there are problems with the top devices, it clearly means that mid end and low end devices might be even more troublesome. Sensation was probably released before it was ready to compete with Samsung Galaxy S II. Galaxy S II is doing better than Sensation in the market at present, although Sensation is also a pretty popular phone.

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