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HTC Sensation 4G and HTC Amaze – Ice Cream Sandwich update

HTC Sensation 4G and HTC Amaze – Ice Cream Sandwich update


Finally the long wait is over and Ice Cream Sandwich update, as previously promised by HTC, has arrived for HTC Sensation 4G. This update was made available starting from May 16 and would also be made available for HTC Amaze over the next few months. With this update, various important software enhancements would be released for Sensation 4G. Among these enhancements, we also have upgrading to Sense 3.6 user interface. Ice Cream Sandwich updates are being released for most of the high end devices in the market and the generally agreed upon opinion is that this operating system is by far the best version of Android so far, as well as the closest rival of iOS. With the release of Windows 8, we do expect that there would be another close rival since Windows 8 has already been receiving highly appreciative comments from tech experts and users.

The update would allow for simple and easy re-sizing of the widgets, System bar enhancements to easily view recent apps, and various enhancements in data usage controls. There would also be increased facility in screen lock actions such as pull down notifications and adjustment of volume while the device is locked. We would also have the face unlock feature and home screen folders. With update to ICS, there would also be improvement in the battery life of the device and other than improved text input, the feature of spell checking would also be incorporated. Finally, we would have an overall improved structure of the main menu. So there are various important software enhancements with this update that would considerably increase the functional capability of the devices.

For users who are unable to automatically get the update, this can be done manually as well. The manual download can be done from the ‘HTC software updates’ available in the phone. The update happens to be quite large so it would be a good idea to connect to a WiFi network before doing the updating process. T-Mobile has also announced that similar update for HTC Amaze 4G would also be available in the coming few weeks. However, exact date of such an update has not been announced.

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