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HTC security flaw

HTC security flaw

HTC smartphones running Android are considered to be among the very best mobile devices available in the market. HTC’s collaboration with Android has reaped considerable benefits for both these companies and HTC has been releasing some of the finest high end devices. But just when everyone was talking about the location tracking flaw that was recently pointed out in iOS, it seems that recent Android based HTC devices have a serious security flaw that is most probably even serious than the one found in iOS. This latest issue was discovered by developers at Android Police in collaboration with Trevor Eckhart and it seems that most of the recent giant tech devices released by HTC including EVO 3D, Radar, Sensation and Vivid are infected with this problem.

At present, all the major HTC phones log under user data including email addresses, SMS data, location, phone numbers, system logs, etc. through a variety of logging tools that have been made available by default in all these devices. So far there doesn’t seem to be any problem. But the actual problems emerges form the fact that all this user data can be accessed through any other application that can be connected to the internet. What this means is that once you provide your log in information, your data might be accessed by some other person via some other application and the results can very well be imagined. Anyone can write some application specifically to have an access to your data. Not only this, enough information can be accessed to entirely clone your device. This is certainly a very serious security flaw and should be fixed before it starts creating serious trouble.

It seems that if you use an unlock HTC solution and afterwards install a verified custom ROM you can avoid this issue.

Details of this flaw and its implications can be seen from the official website of Android Police. There wasn’t any response from HTC at the initial stages, but eventually the company has assured that measures are being taken to rectify this loophole and soon the problem would be fixed in its entirety. However, older HTC devices are free of this flaw and it appears that only the latest models have been infected with this problem. Besides, other Android based devices are also pretty much safe from this problem. Let us just hope that HTC takes this problem seriously and something is done on emergency basis to take care of this security problem before it haunts more users on a wide scale.

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