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HTC Radar with Mango

HTC Radar with Mango

HTC has released some of the finest windows based phones in the market, the main reason of which is that other giant competitors such as Samsung and LG didn’t give much attention to Windows. HTC has been among the very few tech giants who have frequently released both Android as well as Windows based devices. With the release of Windows 8, this trend would most probably increase. HTC Radar is among the finest Windows based phones from HTC and comes with some pretty impressive technical specs.

HTC Radar comes with a 3.8 inch capacitive touch screen and runs on a 1 GHz Scorpion processor. Besides, it has 512 MB of RAM memory and 8 GB of internal memory. The 5 mega pixels back end camera has the facilities of auto focus, LED flash and HD video recording in 720 p. You would find almost all of the usual apps that are available on the mid range phones and since the specs of this device are not the very best in the market, it can be a perfect choice for your if you don’t have a grand budget and are not looking for the best specs. A few drawbacks also exist with the phone such as the unavailability of the support for Adobe Flash in the browser, non-user-accessible battery and non-expandable storage. The phone itself is quite light weight with only 137 g.

This phone runs Windows Phone 7 which is quite decent. Microsoft is about to release Windows 8 which has already been receiving highly positive reviews but Windows Phone 7 is also quite fine. There are a lot of good things about Windows Phone 7 such as multitasking which did not exist in the previous versions of Windows Phone. Although the multi tasking that is present in iOS is better, still Windows Phone 7 can do a lot of things without any problems. Besides, the switching between the apps has also been made easier in this version of Windows Phone. Overall, the software as well as the hardware specs of HTC Radar are quite impressive, even though they are not the very best in the market. But if you are not a developer and are not looking for the cutting edge specs, this can be an ideal device for your use.


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