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HTC PL80110 is the first Windows Phone 8 for Sprint!

HTC PL80110 is the first Windows Phone 8 for Sprint!

Last week at CES 2013 the main officially announcement coming out from Sprint, was the partnerships the company has signed with HTC and Samsung in order to bring customers Windows Phone devices by this summer. The American carrier Sprint make the engagement of collaborating with HTC and Samsung for bringing to their network a Windows Phone 8 device that is expected to use 25 LTE bands, which is a frequency that’s used specifically by the Now Network and particular to the carrier.

It seems that the fist Windows Phone 8 from Sprint is a HTC Windows Phone 8 device with the concept name HTC PL80110. According to Engaged, they have spotted the codenamed handset HTC PL80110 on a FCC document, as a Windows Phone device that uses 25 LTE band.

Taking in consideration the short time, it is not a surprise HTC PL80110 has already been passing through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approval process. FCC is the process of approving all the devices that are going to become real fledged devices.

Still the FCC document brings a small element of confusion. Though the documenting below states that this is a Windows Phone, the HTC’s typical naming scheme says that this should be the Android device HTC One SV.

HTC PL80110 has a very similar scheme number as the model number of HTC One SV for Cricket Wireless, which is PL80120. According to the scheme, the PL80110 and PL80120 are most likely variants of the same device. HTC has a very regular internal model number scheme for its devices.

Although the PL80110 approved by FCC supports CDMA and LTE spectrum used only by Sprint. Other details are barely known by now, but the inclusion of NFC, EVDO and 1xRTT is speculated. It’s to early to have any information on the phone’s availability and pricing options but the good news is Sprint is working speedy forward on its Windows Phone plans and same time on LTE deployment.

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