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HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE running different ROM to avoid Apple’s patents

HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE running different ROM to avoid Apple’s patents

One X and EVO 4G LTE are probably the best smart phones HTC has announced for this summer. Recently, the AT&T versions of both these devices were detained by the US customs as per the court order. The accusation was that these devices have been using ROMs which violate Apple patents and hence could not be allowed to enter the US market. However, now it has been revealed that the ROMs used in these handsets do not really violate the Apple patents and are quite different from those of Apple.

According to various reports, the version of these devices that would be available for the US market under contract with AT&T do not have the data tapping feature that is found on the international version of these phones. According to this feature, users would be able to tap on numbers, email addresses or links in messages in response to which a menu of options would be opened. This feature, however, has been patented by Apple and cannot be used by HTC in the US version of these devices. So basically there are a few differences in the international and the US versions of these handsets. In the international version, if you click on a web URL, you are given a list of apps that you may want to open a link with. The difference in the US version is that it directly launches it in one of the apps and if you want to change the app, you would need to go to the Settings menu in the messaging app. From the messaging app, you would find the option of “App Associations”, something which is not found in the international version of these phones. Once you select the app, it would be used to launch the associated links with each click. This would pretty much eliminate the need of showing the menu.

Due to these differences in the features of international and US versions of these phones, there really has not been any infringement of Apple patents. So basically it does not make any sense to disallow these devices to enter in the US market. Let’s wait and see what the US customers decide in this regard. Most probably the issue would be resolved since it is based on false accusation and we would soon be able to purchase these devices under contract with AT&T after which the unlocked versions would also follow.

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