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HTC One without HDR Microphone because of Nokia’s conflict with ST Microelectronics

HTC One without HDR Microphone because of Nokia’s conflict with ST Microelectronics


It seems we’ll have soon a HTC One without HDR Microphone. Last month a case was presented by Nokia in an Amsterdam district court stipulating that ST Microelectronics had committed an action against the agreement the manufacturer had with Nokia. It seems that Microelectronics sold dual membrane microphone starting with 6 months before the time period exclusively given to Nokia have ended. These components are now part of the HTC One device, which uses the same membranes used for the microphone of Nokia Lumia 720.
The court never prohibited the Taiwan based manufacturer from selling their Android flagship, the HTC One. The court made the statement that HTC had no means to come to know about the dealing between Nokia and Microelectronics therefore HTC purchased the parts with good faith.

Moreover the court ordered that now only Nokia can purchase parts from ST Microelectronics and the exclusivity period was also increase for additional 6 months. Though OEM has eliminated parts from the specs sheet of HTC handset, HTC is still allowed to sell the phones that were already manufactured using the STR Microelectronics microphones. Furthermore, HTC has also made clear that the court has permitted HTC to use inventory of ST Microelectronics made microphones. HTC Company has also announced that after the exhaustion of its inventory of ST microphones, HTC will move to improved microphone designs.

In order to clarify several misleading stories related to recent injunction got by Nokia against ST, HTC put light on certain points. First of all HTC clarified that Nokia had no injunction against HTC One neither in The Netherland nor anywhere else. The case launched by Nokia in Dutch court was only against ST and there was no legal action taken against HTC One in The Netherland. The Dutch court released orders that ST can only sale certain microphones only to Nokia for a limited time period. The judgment allows HTC to use microphones, which HTC has already purchased from ST and Nokia has failed to recall these microphones.

In the result of dispute between Nokia and ST Microelectronics (suppliers), HTC has decided to remove all HDR microphones from HTC One’s promo pages, local official websites and One’s specs sheet. HDR microphones are no longer part of smartphone’s marketing materials and HTC is planning to work on a microphone of its own. HTC has clarified that until the available STM HDR microphones supply last, HTC will continue to utilize them. However the court has declared HTC innocent, therefore now it’s up to ST microelectronics and Nokia to solve their issue.

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