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HTC ONE to be released in four markets next week: US, UK, Taiwan and Germany

HTC ONE to be released in four markets next week: US, UK, Taiwan and Germany

HTC One in stores

It seems we will wait a little more time for the One, the One from HTC. A few days ago, the Taiwanese company confirmed that HTC ONE would have delays for the launch in UK.
US seemed to be in schedule till now, when Best Buy has just delayed the launch with one more week, till next week. Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO, confirmed for the Wall Street that the postponement of launching the new flagship is caused by some delayed terms on manufacturing components shortages for the device UltraPixel camera.

It seems these components are very specific and hard to be produced in the actual context of HTC’ s contractual relationships with its components suppliers. When HTC sales kind of collapsed last year, the company was forced to cut orders and reduce volumes for its suppliers and lost the privileged statute as a powerful customer. As Peter Chou has bet the “One” for its reputation and career, we believe that HTC will find a way to solve the components problem and put the device on the global markets before Samsung does with Galaxy S4. It is not known for sure when the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be released, but it is rumored that the Galaxy S IV will be in stores in the coming weeks.

As far as we know by now and the same thing that Merrill Lynch (the largest brokerage firm) confirmed to its customers, HTC One handset will be launched the next week or till the end of the month in four markets: US, UK, Taiwan and Germany. So HTC will focus on a limited release delivering the flagship device in these markets first. But considering the last year inconvenience with the HTC One X global limited availability we think that HTC has learned its lesson and will apply for the One a wider distribution. If this would happen, HTC will have a big disadvantage that might affect company’s efforts of regaining its market share.

Also a tweet message from the Taiwan based company, confirmed earlier that in fact HTC One would not be available on Verizon. The reason is said to be Verizon’s “testing” process, which will take one or two months more.
The largest US carrier will still promote Droid DNA as the big star. Still, the tweet says that Verizon will not offer its customers the “one” but this doesn’t mean that it is not place for a phone with similar specifications with HTC One flagship. HTC DLX Plus and HTC Droid DNA Plus are some rumored names for the possible, similar, rebranded device version of HTC One, for the Verizon carrier. So Verizon clients could still hope for HTC One metal chassis, Blinkfeed, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, Beats Audio Streaming and more. HTC One is still planned for releasing on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile by the end of the month.

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