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While HTC One Max is selling in UK, the dual-SIM HTC One Max version is available in Vietnam only.

While HTC One Max is selling in UK, the dual-SIM HTC One Max version is available in Vietnam only.


HTC has made its entry in the arena of “phablets” with the launch of HTC One Max which is quite on par with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note and Sony Xperia Z Ultra. One crucial difference between One Max and the other two “phablets” is that One Max does not have any Stylus to go along with. Instead, the most unique feature that the device can boast of is the fingerprint scanner on the backside of the phone.

Compared to the previous HTC phones from the One lineup, other than the size, the device differs in that its back cover is removable. However, let that not keep you under any illusion because you still won’t be able to remove the battery. Instead, the back cover can be removed only to insert the SIM card or a microSD card. The 3,300mAh battery on the phone remains non-removable.

Now let’s speak a bit about the most talked about feature of the phone: the fingerprint scanner. Although this certainly is a welcome addition to the phone, there are a few problems that are common. First off, the placement of the scanner is very awkward. It has been placed directly under the backend camera and requires the swipe of the finger for identification. Under such a situation, it is pretty common that you smudge the lens of the camera every time you swipe the scanner. It would also be better if the movement of identification is changed from vertical to horizontal. Overall, the scanner implementation only increases the awkwardness of movement and hassle of process, while doing little to actually increase the security of the phone.

The 5.9 inch display of the phone at 1080p is quite a delight to use, particularly if you are a gaming buff or frequently use your phone to watch videos. The Super LCD display technology is the same that has previously been also used on other phones form the same line, such as HTC One and HTC One Mini. While music buffs would also appreciate the addition of stereo BoomSound speakers on the front side of the phone, it’s placement actually makes the overall size of the phone a bit awkward and phone just doesn’t seem to fit the hand right.

HTC comes with many cool accessories such as the HTC BoomBass speaker, HTC Fetch- for finding the phone very easy, a Flip Case and a Power Flip Case with an additional battery inside.

Other than the great display and panels, other good things about this device include best speakers (even though awkwardly placed), superb battery life, side-mounted power button and some of the finest power capabilities on smartphones in the market. It might not be as good as Galaxy Note 3, but it certainly delivers on some fronts.

HTC One Max was announced just two weeks ago and now UK is the first market to get the phone. So here are some example of good prices for the unlocked and SIM-free model of the 5.9″ phablet:  best price Unlocked Mobiles – £585, Clove’s price for HTC One Max is £590, followed by  Expansys and Mobile Fun where One Max is listed at £600. The HTC One Max was first announced to reached UK with Vodafone carrier at the price of £600. Anyway our unlocking service for HTC One MAX is already available so you shouldn’t be worry about being stuck to one single GSM carrier.

The latest news is that the dual sim HTC One Max is now available in Vietnam( not on the Chinese market as it was initially believe it) and it costs around $1,015 and $840 for the single-SIM version. The specifications are exactly the same as the one described above, the only difference being the second SIM. The first SIM is 3G-enabled and also 4G LTE, while the second SIM is 2G-only. For the moment there are no words about the dual-SIM HTC One Max version coming to the international market.


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