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HTC One luxury version, gold and platinum case in a fancy cherry oak box

HTC One luxury version, gold and platinum case in a fancy cherry oak box

HTC-One-gold case

HTC One is perhaps the most remarkable smartphone that we have seen from HTC so far and can easily be included among the very best mobile devices in the market. Since its release, the phone has received acclaim from critics and praise from the users all over the world. HTC understands this and has decided to capitalize on the popularity of this remarkable device. Recently, sources revealed that the company is working on a Windows Phone variant of the device in order to reach out to the Windows users.

Increasing diversity and variants of the same device is one good way to expand its market reach and increase the share of the company. The strategy of releasing “mini” versions of the blockbuster devices is just that. But there are other strategies as well. For instance, HTC is apparently planning to launch a couple of luxury versions of HTC One.

While the general technical features of the device would pretty much remain same, the physical structure would be drastically changed and that is where all the difference comes in. This new luxury version of the phone would come in unlocked and SIM-free form and would be designed with a fancy cherry oak box in tow. In addition to that, the new device would also be equipped with Beats audio earphones. But the real thing about this luxury device is its price.

The phone with 24 ct. gold plating would be available for $2900 while the one with rose gold would come at $3100. Finally, the platinum HTC One would be available to you for $3200. So of course, the price makes it pretty much out of the range of a common users but it’s pretty evident that a common user would hardly have any use for such devices. Besides, there are hardly any changes in the technical features which are of more importance for an average user. Obviously a gold plated device does not suit in the hands of a geek, neither can a geek afford such as luxury.

Some rumors regarding HTC devices say the company is also working in this luxury direction by intending to change the raw material cases with Liquidmetal cases,  just like Vertu, the luxury watchmakers, which are currently using this technology.

In other variations, HTC is also selling HTC One in “glamour red” for the UK audience. This device would be available from Phones 4U and might be available in two memory storage options of 16 GB and 32 GB. Phones 4U would be selling the device under contract at £33 per month.


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