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HTC One increases the company’s revenue almost back to 2012 levels

HTC One increases the company’s revenue almost back to 2012 levels


HTC One has been distinguished by its amazing design, that’s why the handset won a large number of awards and has been ranked as “Best Device” of Computex 2013.

Samsung is celebrating great market value with the S4 but HTC One is not so far behind in the race. HTC one has also won the “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet” award at MWC 2013. Moreover Taiwan’s president of HTC presented the award. HTC marketing officer expresses the qualities of HTC, which works to bring innovation and ensure high quality in HTC devices. HTC One became part of a great competition and among 254 nominates it got the award. Furthermore, HTC One is gaining high sale value in the market.

Kevin Chang, who is the Citigroup Global Markets Inc analyst, informs that HTC has reported its sale up to 1.2 million units in May, that is considerable more than April. This news helps to assume that in the first two weeks of June about 2 million HTC One units were sold. The revenue generated in May fits good with this news but the previous news about 5 million units of HTC One has sold is contradictive to the sale in June. Now HTC is presenting more confirmed financial info and this info shows increase in revenue generated for May as compared to April. In short HTC presented total sales of $969.6 million in May, which is still 3.355 down to the revenue of May last year. HTC is looking forward to have Q2 projection of $2.3 in revenue and is also expecting massive sales. Due to the high sale, HTC is facing some stock shortage of HTC One but it is expected that some great announcement will be placed in summer.

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