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HTC One 2 codenamed M8 release scheduled for february, before Galaxy S5

HTC One 2 codenamed M8 release scheduled for february, before Galaxy S5


HTC One is perhaps the best smartphone that the company has so far released in the market. It certainly is the most popular high-end mobile phone from HTC and continues to be among the user favorites. For several months, the phone has charmed the customers with its constant presence in the market and now it seems that HTC is gearing up to launch a second generation version of the phone, the HTC One 2 codenamed HTC M8. So far there is no official word from HTC in this regard but scores of leaks along with rumors have made their way to the internet.

As per the information that is rumored so far, the new version of the device would have the same durable premium aluminium body as HTC One. That would also most probably come with a 4-megapixel “UltraPixel” camera and dual stereo speakers. We are expecting an increase in the display size this time and it might amount to 5 inches or even bigger, along with a display resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Additional expected specs include improved metal texture, Android 4.4 KitKat working on conjunction with HTC Sense 6.0. Processor of the device is also expected to be more powerful, featuring a Snapdragon 800 system chip.

It is also expected that HTC would reveal the next generation version of its flagship before Samsung is able to unveil Galaxy S5. The company has faced several manufacturing problems and legal issues over the last couple of years that previously resulted in the delayed release of HTC One. However, One 2 seems right on the date and we might see the announcement during the first quarter of next year. The production issues that HTC faced previously were related to HTC-exclusive UltraPixel camera and the aluminum unibody of the device. These matters are now perfectly settled and there does not seem any reason why the release of the second generation version should be delayed. We can certainly expect a tough competition between this one and Samsung Galaxy S5, which might also be announced in a few months. But information about HTC One 2, particularly about the technical specs, is still in the realm of rumors and nothing can be said for sure till an official confirmation is made in this regard.  HTC One 2 codenamed M8 is scheduled for release in february next year, in advance of  Galaxy S5 launch date.

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