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HTC Mini, a companion ergonomic handset for your smartphone!

HTC Mini, a companion ergonomic handset for your smartphone!

HTC Taiwanese manufacturer and OEM have launched this week in China the HTC Mini! A crazy experiment, which looked closely, might be quite a good idea.

HTC Mini is a remote control device coming now with the 5 inch HTC Butterfly flagship smartphone. This Butterfly companion ergonomic handset connects to the “big phone” through NFC / Bluetooth being a perfect assistant for you and the phone also.

On its mini monochrome screen you can see messages, calls logs, calendar entries and definitely you can make and take calls. You can consider this HTC mini an extension of your hand doing what the phone in your pocket would do.

HTC Mini connects to the device through Bluetooth and you can make calls, even video calls without being necessary to take your smartphones out of your pocket or look for it in your bag.
When HTC mini pairs up with the Butterfly via NFC it will further be able to display notifications, text messages, calendar entries, and more.
HTC Mini can also be used as a remote control to navigate through menus when the HTC Butterfly is connected via the HDMI port to your television. Mini can trigger the shutter in the camera app and will even help you find your misplaced phone by make it ring.

Being aware of the “phablet” market explosion and smartphones design tendency of growing larger and larger, HTC is trying to make HTC mini a solution for many people who aren’t comfortable with using such a huge phone.

If Mini will be a success in China probably we’ll have soon some confirmations on pricing and availability of this gadget for other markets and global release. We think HTC is willing to package these mini devices with the purchase of new units instead of requiring separate purchases. This will make HTC Butterfly and HTC DROID DNA more attractive!

Even though you will probably not understand everything in the presented video jus hit the play button for a deeper impression on the Mini device.

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