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HTC M4 or HTC One Mini the smaller, similar featured version of HTC One

HTC M4 or HTC One Mini the smaller, similar featured version of HTC One


We’ve heard a lot of speculations in the last months about HTC preparing a mini version of HTC One maybe the HTC One Mini. According to latest leaks( @evleaks) HTC is going to launch a new device, that seems to be a younger brother of HTC One, a HTC One mini, and this device is going to be the popular rumoured HTC M4. HTC M4 is said to have many  similar features to the HTC One. HTC M4 will come up with downgraded specifications and it will be available at a lower price. The design of HTC M4 is more like HTC One but it’s not final yet. Also it is not decided if HTC will use premium aluminum for HTC M4 body or if HTC is planning to use similar looking plastic. If the bands at the back are serving for just show then it can be assumed that HTC will again use aluminum for manufacturing the new device.

In HTC M4 there are stereo speakers below and above the display and the key arrangement is very like HTC One. Moreover like HTC One, the micro SIM slot is also on the side of M4 device. HTC M4 has camera flash above the lens on the back and to replace the text of One, HTC M4 has large Beats Audio logo. Home screen display HTC’s Blinkfeed and the software of M4 is also on the same line with the HTC One. The specifications of M4 include a 4.3-inch, 720p display, a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM with 16GB of internal memory and a powerful 1,700mAh battery. HTC M4 is also featured with an UltraPixel camera but the specifications are still unknown therefore it’s hard to guess whether the unit would be the same on the HTC One with UltraPixel technology or a different type of camera.
HTC M4 runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and it will appear with LTE support approximately at the end of second quarter. HTC M4 will probably be the best alternative of HTC One if the high price of HTC One is an issue for you.

So HTC has decided to present a low cost device the M4, a very much similar device to the HTC One (codenamed M7). We can say that M4 is going to be for the One as the Galaxy S 3 mini is to the Galaxy S III. Furthermore HTC expects the same success for the M4 like in the case of HTC One taking the example of Samsung, which has proven that if a flagship has a large demand then its similar, lower price version device will be a irresistible opportunity for those who can’t afford the higher version.

HTC M4 will follow the same design elements HTC One possess therefore it becomes difficult to differentiate the two handsets.
As we said, HTC M4 will ship in LTE configurations and for now there are no final words for pricing and distribution of the handset.

HTC M4 or HTC One Mini, however this smaller version of HTC One will be called, we will definitely have a new GSM device that could be unlocked using our unlocking service.

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