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HTC First – Facebook phone hands-on

HTC First – Facebook phone hands-on


HTC has employed their typical HTC quality in HTC First “Facebook” phone. Though the specifications were kept hidden during the presentation of the HTC, the specifications can be known through web. HTC First is a mid-range piece of hardware therefore this is not a surprise technically speaking. The nice look of HTC First is very inspiring as the rounded edges give the phone a nice feel when hold it in hand. Its shape makes it very like to the very first range of iPhone.

Great features of HTC First include a 1280×720 4.3-inch display, a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4GHz processor and a powerful 2,000mAh battery. Its picture capturing ability is amazing because of its camera, which has a 5MP unit with LED flash quality. HTC First has no microSD storage ability but it has 1GB RAM and 16GB storage capacity. Interesting feature of HTC First is that along with baked-in Facebook Home expression there is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With 20p display, the colors and images are very vivid on HTC First. Moreover it possess 1.6MP front facing camera.

The good news about HTC First is that while having Facebook Home as the top layer, other Google and Android ecosystem works smoothly. Notifications appear in an interesting way, in the form of horizontally oriented cards, which you can swipe away like we do in webOS notification of yore.
Those who are social and love to use Facebook, HTC First is a god choice especially for them and it is available at $99.99 on AT&T. It seems HTC First has appeared with a social centric mission therefore its Facebook Home experience is really good.

For the UK carrier EE, HTC First is the first uh. This mobile operator has first provided the 4G LTE services and it is going to launch Facebook Home powered model. The launch is expected in the summer. HTC First has great RAM to support multitasking and GPU is also supportive for the game play. You may say that HTC First is specially designed for Facebook users who like to be connected with Facebook updates for the entire day.

EE has introduced in HTC properties like EE Film that enables users to have 2 for 1-movie tickets, trailers and digital movie downloads. Surprisingly, the customer service is easily available by dialing 33 on the handset and £5 discount on EE’s FibreBroadband is also offered with superfast data speed. It also has “Clone Phone Lite” that can sore user’s personal information on secure servers.

It is also rumored that HTC First would be soon launched in an HTC M4 variant, a phone with very similar specifications but without the Facebook Home integration and other social networking features.
HTC M4 has been leaked before in addition with HTC G2, as mid range affordable devices to be launched after M7, now HTC One.

In  case you’ll need to use HTC First unlocked, with any convenient GSM carrier, you can use our HTC First ordering form and purchase an unlock code for your phone.

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