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HTC Evo Design 4G Review

HTC Evo Design 4G Review

It appears that HTC and Sprint have been planning to release some new devices in the EVO line of phones. The latest device in this regard happens to be HTC EVO Design 4G. This phone is the fifth device in the EVO line of production. The physical structure and design of this phone is quite impressive with the aluminum unibody design and 4” qHD display. Alternative name for this phone is also Hero S, the device would come with a 5 mega pixel rare end camera along with the 1.3 mega pixel front end camera. The rare end camera is not really the most efficient since there are HTC phones with 8 mega pixel cameras in the market. The processor for this device happens to be 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor. Talking about the design of this phone, the phone is pretty slim and smart with a single piece of aluminum providing unibody construction. The display of the device having pretty impressive pixel density is also great.

The operating system for this device, like most other HTC phones, happens to be Android 2.3 Gingerbread in conjunction with HTC’s Sense UI 4.0. Although there are sufficient applications available from the Android Market, you would find only a few carrier-specific applications from Sprint. 786 MB of RAM memory is pretty decent for a mobile with the above mentioned specs. Talking about the browser of this phone, HTC has a pretty good browser compared to various other competitors. Browsing is pretty fast and there aren’t any problems in text rendering. Besides, the device also has complete support for GMS, GPS and Bluetooth 3.0. The camera of the mobile, as already mentioned, is not the best in the market. There are HTC devices with far better cameras containing additional facilities. As for the camera of this device, it can be considered just about the mark since the performance is not very impressive comparatively. The image quality is not the best but video recording at 720p is quite impressive.

Finally, in the media domain we have HTC music and movie players. With this phone, you have the option to stream content to or from the device with DLNA support. Overall, this might not be the best HTC phone around, still we can consider it a pretty decent deal among the mid range devices. The price of EVO Design 4G happens to be $99.99 along with a two year contract with the carrier.

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  1. loveEVODesign says:

    I think the image quality is great. I mainly use my HTC EVO Design to watch movies and shows through my DISH Remote Access app. With 275PPI, I get as clear of a picture as I do on my HDTV at home. I knew about the DISH app since I work there but had no idea I’d use it so much. The HTC EVO Design has the perfect screen for it too.

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