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HTC Desire C, compared with other HTC devices!

HTC Desire C, compared with other HTC devices!

HTC Desire C is among the latest HTC devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, even though the technical specs of this phone are not very impressive. In fact, we can categorize this phone as among the low end HTC devices but Ice Cream Sandwich is certainly a plus point for it. The phone has a just about the mark 600 MHz processor along with a RAM of 512 MB.

This phone, however, did pretty good with respect to the benchmark score. When we compare it with two other HTC devices, HTC Desire and HTC Wildfire, it can fit it in between these two with respect to the benchmark points. HTC Desire, with its 1 GHz processor, has benchmark points of 2627, although it comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. HTC Wildfire also contains Gingerbread and 600 MHz processor, and it has benchmark points of 1522. HTC Desire, on the other hand, has benchmark points of 1929. The main thing that gained points for HTC Desire C, as is quite evident, happens to be Ice Cream Sandwich. The handset is quite reasonable for people not looking for the cutting edge specs and happens to be snappy in every day use.

HTC announced various high end, mid range and low end devices during Mobile World Congress back in February and with the passage of time, we are seeing these devices hitting the market. Several other HTC devices would be released this summer. We can safely regard this summer to be the most active summer with respect to mobile activity. We are also expecting the release of iPhone 5 during this summer while Samsung has recently released its giant Galaxy S III. Other tech giants such as LG have also been consistently releasing smart phones from various categories with impressive technical specs.

HTC previously announced that this device would be released at the end of May. Clove has even quoted the release date to be 24th of May, although dates have not been announced by other retailers. According to Clove, the price of this device would be £190, but most probably it would be available from other major retailers at a much less price, somewhere around £170.

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