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HTC Desire C

HTC Desire C

The news of a new smartphone release with the name of HTC Desire C by HTC was circulating for quite a while now. Today HTC announced just today the new phone via a Press Conference.

The body and shape of the phone is similar to the newest HTC One series and seems to be quite beautiful. Previously, HTC One X has been delivering impressive performance with its dual-core processor and impressive build. HTC Desire C seems to include similar design but with more modest specification. The processor in this device would either be 600 MHz single-core Snapdragon. The phone includes a 3.5-inch medium-resolution (320 x 480) Display and 1 GB of RAM memory. The operating system would be Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.

So basically it seems that HTC is releasing an affordable device incorporating all the noteworthy and highly coveted changes in design of the this year. Exact availability date and price of the device is not known yet. But chances are that the device would be available by the end of month.

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