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HTC BoomBass Bluetooth speaker, best audio quality on any smartphone before

HTC BoomBass Bluetooth speaker, best audio quality on any smartphone before


HTC has a convention of paying special attention to the audio capabilities of its smartphones. This was true with the Beats Audio and this is true with the company’s latest innovation with HTC BoomBass. Already HTC One provides one of the best audio sounds available on mobile devices and with HTC BoomBass, the company certainly intends on raising the bar further. The device, having bright red color, comes with a dock for proper placement which also provides physical support to the phone in landscape position.

HTC BoomBass Bluetooth speaker, can work in conjunction with HTC One and is also Bluetooth 3.0 enabled. Considering that NFC is also supported, you can be up and playing the required audios within seconds. There is no external indication on BoomBass to indicate that the device has been turned on but the sound emitted is sufficient to tell that. And while the sound quality from the device is no doubt excellent, it seems to be variable depending on the kind of music that you are hearing. Similarly, the strength of the bass also does not seem constant over time. HTC did concede to these problems which were attributed to possible software bugs, which the company has said will be removed soon. Considering that the sound of audios on HTC One’s speakers is already excellent, HTC should make sure that all sorts of bugs are removed from BoomBass before it is actually launched in the market. But of course, once the bugs are removed the HTC BoomBass Bluetooth speaker, would certainly provide the best audio quality on any smartphone.

So far HTC has not revealed the technical specs, exact release date and price of BoomBass, but hopefully it would hit the market before the end of this year. The idea is certainly quite innovative and the fact that BoomBass would also work in conjunction with HTC One is great. HTC One is the most popular HTC smartphone to the date and the company has been developing a lot of variations of the phone as well as products that can go along with it. In the course of time, it is quite natural the many HTC One owners would resort to BoomBass for even better sound quality, that is, once the bugs from the software of the new product are removed. Let’s see when the product hits the market because there are a lot of music enthusiasts eagerly waiting for it.

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