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How to unlock the Sprint HTC One?

How to unlock the Sprint HTC One?

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HTC One from Sprint is a dual CDMA/GSM device with the following specifications:

LTE 1900
WCDMA 1900 / 2100
CDMA 800 / 850 / 1900
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900s

HTC One from Sprint is a device that runs on a CDMA network, but in the same time Sprint’s HTC One is a dual GSM/CDMA global phone that supports GSM/EDGE and HSPA networks. This means that once unlocked, you can use your HTC One handset bought from Sprint, with any other compatible US GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile and also with international GSM carriers when travelling.

The handset has quad-band GSM/EDGE capabilities (850/900/1800/1900MHz) and dual-band HSPA 14.4Mbps (1900/2100MHz), which means it would offer only 3G support when used with GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile and will not support LTE.

Sprint’s HTC One can be unlocked and used with other compatible GSM network carriers

So HTC ONE is a global phone that once unlocked, you can roam internationally by changing Sprint’s SIM with a local carrier abroad when travelling. For LTE connectivity in international markets, you need to verify that the carrier you plan to use your HTC One with, does support the same LTE band frequencies as the U.S model you choose to purchase, no matter if it is a Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile device.

The HTC One device sold by Sprint is SIM LOCKED out of the box but the handset does come with a SIM card, so the device can be unlocked in order to work with other GSM networks. Still the HTC One from Sprint can’t be unlocked by IMEI using an unlock code, like usual dual GSM/CDMA phones are unlocked. The device isn’t displaying the unlock screen when a different GSM SIM card is inserted. At this point only Sprit carrier is able to unlock your Sprint HTC ONE.

Different from that, the GSM version of HTC One (AT&T, T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell carriers, etc) can be unlocked by IMEI using an unlock code. The carrier itself will unlock your HTC One if you accomplish the unlocking polices criteria. If you are not eligible for the unlock, you still have the option to network unlock your HTC One using a third-party SIM unlock service online, like HTCimeiUnlock service, which we’ve successfully used before for unlocking HTC devices and now for the GSM HTC One unlock.

Also you should know that whether unlocked or not, the HTC One model from Sprint, still can’t be used with other CDMA carriers like Verizon, Wireless, Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket, and U.S. Cellular. You can only try to activate your CDMA phone with a different carrier. To be able to switch a CDMA phone between carriers, you should call the receiving carrier and ask them to activate your phone onto their network. If your phone is compatible with the radio technology and frequency bands used by the receiving CDMA carrier, the phone can be reprogrammed to the new provider’s specifications by a process called “flashing”, if the carrier decides to do it.

Sprint HTC One unlocking procedure

In order to unlock your HTC One from Sprint and get the unlock code for free from your provider you need to call Sprint International at 1-888-226-7212 (Option 2) and request the unlock procedure. In order for Sprint to accept you unlocking request you have to meet the company’s following unlocking policies criteria:

  • You must have the phone activated on your account for at least 90 days;
  • Your account must be in good standing in order to qualify and might still require that you had a new 2-year agreement.

The law states that for any phone paid in full or bought within a contract (and the contract has been completed), the carrier is legally bound to unlock the phone.

If you are qualified for getting the network unlock, there is a special review process that can be initiated with a Sprint supervisor, which will authorize your phone to be unlocked via a PRL update, the UICC unlock update. The UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) is the smart card used in mobile terminals in GSM networks. 

Sprint HTC One Unlock Instructions

Once Sprints has approved your HTC One unlock, you will receive an email confirmation intended to confirm that Sprint has successfully unlocked your HTC One device and you should follow the steps below to unlock the device after you have a third party SIM card.

  • Turn off device.
  • Insert 3rd party SIM. The message “SIM LOCK ENABLED” will be displayed.
  • Go to Settings > System Activation > UICC unlock.
  • You will receive the update and it should change to GSM Mode.

After that you should modify the APN settings in order to have 3rd party Data enabled.

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Access Points > new APN.
  • Chose the new provider from a popup list.

Your Sprint HTC One it should be now unlocked! If you have any additional problems or concerns you should contact Sprint World Wide in order to get all the necessary information.

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