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How to unlock dual mode CDMA/GSM phones?

How to unlock dual mode CDMA/GSM phones?


Before you go further with unlocking a dual CDMA/GSM phone you should  also read our guide on carriers’ restrictions for dual mode CDMA – GSM/LTE phones, as it will help you better understand the specific of unlocking process for dual mode phones. You can refer to unlocking a dual mode CDMA – GSM/LTE phone in two ways:

  • Unlock the phone in order to use it with a different CDMA carrier.
  • Unlock the device and have the possibility to use it with the same CDMA carrier and any other GSM carrier.

In order to unlock a dual CDMA/GSM phone and switch to a different CDMA carrier, you need to call the receiving carrier and ask for your phone to be activated onto their network. Usually, in US carriers don’t accept any particular phones onto their network but some CDMA carriers will let you bring a handset from a different CDMA carrier, mainly if they sell the same model or a similar features phones. You can read the full guide on How to switch CDMA carriers by clicking here.

Use a dual CDMA – GSM/LTE phone with any other GSM carrier

When a dual mode CDMA/GSM phone is locked to a particular CDMA network carrier, you need to unlock the phone in order to use it with a GSM SIM card issued by a different GSM network provider.

Using the IMEI number, dual GSM/CDMA phones can be permanently unlocked (just like a GSM standard phone) by using an unlock code that once entered, the phone will recognize any GSM SIM card introduced in the SIM card slot.

Knowing the IMEI number, country and operator details of the phone, you can purchase the unique unlock code from an unlocking service provider, usually for a small fee. You will also receive the necessary instructions for how to enter the code to your particular phone model.

When deciding to unlock a dual CDMA/ GSM Phone, before you establish to a different GSM network carrier and purchase the unlock code, there are a few aspects you should check. The unlocking service provider should also be able to give you the following information or verify it at your request:

  • Your phone must use the same radio technology as the new carrier.
  • Your phone must use the same frequency bands as the new carrier.
  • Your phone should have the option of introducing the unlock code

How to enter the unlock code in a dual CDMA- GSM/LTE phone?

1. Insert a non-supported SIM card in the SIM card slot of the phone. You will be asked to insert an allowed SIM card, and you’ll be notified that the phone is going to switch back to CDMA mode.
2. Click OK. Click green button to get to the main screen of the phone.
4. From the menu choose “Settings” and than click “All settings”.
5. In the personal tab click on “Security”.
6. Click on “Remove SIM Lock”
7. The phone will ask for the unlock code. Enter it. Your phone is unlocked!

There are some particular dual CDMA/GSM phone models, that require different methods of introducing the unlock code. For these specific cases you should check our support center for this topic.

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