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HDR microphone problem will not affect HTC One sales

HDR microphone problem will not affect HTC One sales

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It seems  HDR microphone problem will not affect HTC One sales. HTC has announced that injunction filed by Nokia for their flagship smartphone in Netherland is not in the favor of ST Microelectronics but it is not against the Taiwanese company. The preliminary injunction statement conveys that HTC One’s HDR microphone will be manufactured exclusively for the Nokia smartphones for limited time. HTC is confident that this will not affect the sale of their latest flagship.

HTC has clarified in an official press release that Nokia has failed in its attempt to get a recall of microphones that have already been sold to HTC, because the Taiwanese company had no way to know about the ST Microelectronics and Nokia agreement. Soon HTC’s inventory of STM microphones will be exhausted, but HTC declares that it will work on an improved microphone designs and will get another supplier for its new product.

HTC explained that though the court order for HTC One was against using the STM’s microphones and Nokia has exclusive right over, the HTC’s flagship stock would face no loss. There are already produced units, as well as microphone inventories that are working for continuous production. Moreover HTC is motivated to look for other suppliers for the high dynamic range of microphones. The same units like HTC One possess, are found in the Nokia 808 PureView , Lumia 720 and 920.
In HTC One, the dual-membrane mics provide wider sound range therefore good audio recording is available without any distortion and mics provide better stellar call quality.

In the press release, HTC clarified certain points regarding HDR microphone situation. The purpose was to clarify misleading stories directed towards injunction by Noikia against STM (components supplier to HTC in Netherland). HTC One says that no injunction was obtained by Nokia neither in The Netherland nor anywhere else. Moreover the court proceedings claimed by Nokia were solely against STM and HTC was not under charge. The orders were for STM which prohibited STM that it can’t sell certain microphones to any company except Nokia but for a limited time period. Furthermore, court allowed HTC to use microphones that HTC has already purchased from STM and Nokia has failed in its demand for the recall of already sold microphones. At last, HTC has decided to improve microphone designs after the inventory of STM microphones is pooped.

You can unlock your HTC One and use it free with any other GSM network carrier around the globe, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Vodafone, Orange, O2, SFR, Fido, Telus, TIM, Rogers and others.

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