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Dual GSM/CDMA phones specifications. How to unlock CDMA to GSM?

Dual GSM/CDMA phones specifications. How to unlock CDMA to GSM?


Dual CDMA – GSM/LTE phone’s specifications

So you’re lucky, your phone isn’t a CDMA phone only, it’s a dual CDMA- GSM/LTE phone which gives you lot more freedom. Let’s see how can you use this freedom!

Switching between CDMA and GSM networks is possible if you have a cell phone model that supports both standards. We have already discussed the differences between CDMA and GSM unlocking procedures and also the case of switching CDMA carriers when you have a CDMA phone only. You should read these instructions also, as it might be valuable information to you, when unlocking a dual mode CDMA/ GSM phone.

A dual mode phone uses a combination of GSM and CDMA technology using more than one technique for sending and receiving voice and data. These handsets are also called global phones and can be used as a GSM or CDMA phone according to the user’s necessities and preferences. This type of phones are most used in countries that have both GSM and CDMA networks and international CDMA roamers who want to keep 2 numbers on a single handset.

Most dual mode handsets need two identifying cards for the GSM mode, one SIM card and one RUIM (Removable User Identity Module). The RUIM is a card developed for CDMA handsets that extends the GMS SIM card to CDMA phones and networks. Recent dual mode devices can be identified by one SIM card for the GSM mode, and by the ESN/MEID for the CDMA mode.

What are the carriers’ restrictions for dual mode GSM/CDMA/LTE phones?

Dual mode CDMA and GSM “hybrid” handsets are promoted by CDMA carriers, (Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Virgin Mobile USA, Cricket, Metro, U.S. Cellular), as the CDMA networks have limited worldwide roaming capabilities compared to international GSM networks.

By offering dual mode phones, CDMA carriers are trying to provide more substantial roaming services for their customers. When traveling, the carrier gives the subscriber the permission to switch between CDMA and GSM mode if the international roaming plan is enabled on the customer account and a carrier supplied SIM card is used.

Things are different in case you are not traveling and want to use your dual CDMA- GSM phone with different CDMA/GSM carriers in US. Carriers have the legitimate right to restrict a customer from purchasing a subsidized phone and then move to another service, until the phone has been fully paid for.

Can I use my dual GSM/CDMA phone with a different GSM network provider?

Because it incorporates both technologies, a dual CDMA and GSM phone, can technically and theoretically function on almost any CDMA or GSM system. In reality customers are stuck with the carrier for which the phone was designed. CDMA operators usually restrict the use of the dual mode phones to their specific network not allowing the use of any external network GSM SIM Card. This practice is called SIM locking and it is a common procedure when subsidized phones are sold with prepaid contracts.

That is the reason why if you have a dual CDMA/GSM cell phone in USA (Sprint, Verizon, Virgin coverage area) it will not going to allow any other GSM SIM card network to work with device. For example a CDMA IPhone would not work on ATT or T-Mobile or Straight Talk, and a Motorola Droid RAZR or a Sprint HTC Evo 4G would not work on ATT or T-Mobile or Straight Talk.

Still CDMA carriers sometimes sell specific dual CDMA-GSM phone models that are globally unlocked handsets. These handsets once out of USA (CDMA coverage area), can be freely used with any other GSM network in the world. If a dual mode CDMA/GSM phone is locked to a particular CDMA network carrier, you need to unlock the phone in order to be able to use it on the GSM mode with an external GSM SIM card issued by a different  GSM network carrier.

Dual GSM/CDMA phones can be permanently unlocked for the GSM mode (similar to unlocking a GSM standard phone) by using an unlock code. Once the unique code is correspondingly entered, the phone will be able to recognise any GSM SIM card introduced in the SIM card slot, from a different GSM network carrier. This could be any domestic or international GSM network carrier that utilizes the same frequency bands.

For further information on this matter you can read the instructions on “How to unlock a dual mode CDMA – GSM phone

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