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Top Christmas applications for Windows Phones 8!

Top Christmas applications for Windows Phones 8!

Christmas it’s all about traditions: Christmas Carols, holiday lights and sparkle, friends and family together, roast turkey and Santa’s cookies, presents under the tree.

Coming with presents for adults we often have latest technology presents as new phones and gadgets.

If Santa makes your wish happen with an HTC Windows Phones 8X or HTC Windows Phones 8S, you can do it even better by unlocking your phone using our service. With an unlocked phone you can switch to any other network in order to take advantage of better rates. You can use even Dual SIM Adapters.

Today we’re looking for festive Christmas applications for your Windows Phone 8 smartphone.
And because Christmas is more about bringing people together despite distance and “long time no see”, we’ll begin with a more serious one:

“Skype” for Windows Phone 8

While the mobile versions of Skype for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets are already popular ones, the newest release of Skype for Windows Phone 8 should be the most native and user friendly Skype app considering that Microsoft, the creators of Windows Phone 8 is also the owner of Skype brand.

The design team did a really great job, making Skype a fast and fluid experience by creating the cleanest design and friendly UI application. The Windows Phone 8 Skype app is very easy to navigate on. Using the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can simply display the full list of online and offline contacts in your address book, see the favorite contacts you have set, start a call, add a new user or number and chat. From the chat interface you can simply jump to placing VoIP calls or video calls, or text entry or even giving you the option of blocking a contact. The app allows you place video calls using the front facing or rear cameras of Windows Phone 8 handset.


To make Christmas season more entertainment and also better organize and prioritize tasks for this holiday to be perfect, you can enjoy following Windows Phone 8 applications.


Preparing you for Christmas this application helps you countdown days, hours, minutes and seconds till Santa will come. You also have gift lists, 25 Pre-set SMS, 25 Wallpapers, Christmas ringtones. You have gift lists and gifting ideas, which are stored and have the option of purchased tick box that can be checked once purchasing is done.

“My Christmas”

Christmas is more enjoyable with this application because it has it all: Christmas carols with lyrics, so you won’t be lack of inspiration; beautiful greeting for all you loved ones; historical stories about Christmas and fun stuff about Santa to read to your kids; you can make a wish, keep gifts evidence and checklists for Christmas preparations or even be Santa and do good things. You also have a food section with home made Christmas recipes.


This app for Windows Phone 8 puts everything related to shopping and presents right together so everything will be perfectly done for Christmas. You have a Holiday Gift Guide, a fast store locator, special offers & in-store saving, discounts and promotions, top gifts and shop Gifts, personalized wish lists, birthday reminders. You can mange your account, update your personal information and pay your Macy’s credit card bill directly from your phone.

“Christmas Cards”

It’s the time of the year when you wish the best for people you care about most. This app gives you the possibility to greet your beloved ones with custom-designed digital cards having winter holiday’s themes. The cool thing is you can choose from 44 uniquely designed holiday-themed templates, you can add your own photo or photos with your friends and family and turn it into an expressive card. The app is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French, and helps you send inspirational cards to your friends and relatives in one instant working for you on length, fonts and colors.


You can be creative and send wonderful Christmas and New Year greetings right from your phone! You can pick from a range of ready-made cards or impress you friends with your personal touch by mixing everything from the background, positioning your message and props to even adding your handwriting, personalized signature.

“Christmas Carols”

Are you in the mood of singing carols but you don’t know the lyrics and the musical rhythm? This app will save you with notes and background music directly accessible from your Windows phone. You can sing and play your favorite Christmas songs from all around the world using height quality record to listen to or to sing along.

“Christmas Live Quotes Tiles”

Cheer up this Christmas by decorating your windows mobile with a amazing Christmas tile for free! With this app you have a beautiful collection of tiles and quotes decorated with beautiful Christmas and New Year holiday theme, awesome graphics and perfect blend of beautiful colors!

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