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Butterfly S, Butterfly 2, Butterfly J2, new “butterflies” from HTC, expected in July

Butterfly S, Butterfly 2, Butterfly J2, new “butterflies” from HTC, expected in July

HTC Butterfly 2

HTC  launched by the end of last year its Butterfly smartphone named HTC Droid DNA for the US, and Butterfly J for Japan. HTC Butterfly was released in Asian market before it hit the rest of the world. HTC intends on continuing this smartphones series and there are already three devices in line to be launched soon.

The first one of these devices happens to be HTC Butterfly S which, as per the speculations, would be launched in China by the end of this month.Just like its predecessor, this device would come with a 5 inch 1080p display. However, there would also be certain new features. For instance, Butterfly S would be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and a better 4MP “UltraPixel” camera. HTC has so far not made clear whether this device would also be available outside of the Asian market. Also, no release date or price of the device has been revealed by the tech giant.

The second device in the Butterfly series soon to hit the market is HTC Butterfly 2. This is not the actual name of the device and the suspicions are raised because of the code name DLXPLUS. This code name is very similar to the codename for the original HTC Butterfly device, DLX, which means that it would most probably belong to the same series. It is also possible that HTC Butterfly 2 is released in three different models for three different regions. These three models are codenamed DLXPLUS_WL (DLXP_WL), DLXPLUS_UL (DLXP_UL) and DLXPLUS_U (DLXP_U). So far, there is no official information on the specs or release dates of these models.

Finally, the third device would most probably be a follow-up of HTC J Butterfly, which was released by HTC in Japan last year. This device, the HTC Butterfly J2, has been codenamed DLXPLUS_WLJ (DLXPLUS_J) and rumor has it that it is intended for the Japanese carrier KDDI. It appears that all the three smartphones would share one common feature: they would all be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. Other than that, information about the specs is scant.

With the subsequent versions of the Butterfly series, HTC is looking to consolidate its market of mid-range devices. It has already been doing quite well in the high-end market with its HTC One and One X. HTC has so far not made any official announcement about the upcoming devices from the Butterfly series but situation would most probably be clear within a few weeks.

All these Butterfly smartphones are GSM devices that can be network unlocked in order to be used with other convenient GSM networks around the world. Below you have the ordering forms you need to complete in order to proceed for unlocking:

HTC Butterfly S:

HTC Butterfly 2:

HTC Butterfly J2:

diffrent versions of HTC Butterfly

Diffrent versions of HTC Butterfly

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