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Archive for January 8th, 2012

HTC security flaw

HTC smartphones running Android are considered to be among the very best mobile devices available in the market. HTC’s collaboration with Android has reaped considerable benefits for both these companies and HTC has been releasing some of the finest high end devices. But just when everyone was talking about the location tracking flaw that was recently pointed out in iOS, it seems that recent Android based HTC devices have a serious security flaw that is most probably even serious than the one found in iOS. This latest issue was discovered by developers at Android Police in collaboration with Trevor Eckhart ...

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HTC vs Apple – legal battle

The ongoing legal battle between HTC and Apple over the patent rights has finally been concluded, with Apple emerging as a victor. Previously, HTC had accused Apple about infringing its patents rights but the court has given the verdict in favor of Apple. The US International Trade Commission, in its ruling said that Apple has not infringed upon any of HTC-owned patents. Previously, ITC had ruled that Apple had indeed violated some of the patents owned by HTC related to the S3 graphics, but this specific violation was related to OS X which Apple has already fixed and there isn’t any ...

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