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Archive for December, 2010

First HTC database update of December – 2dec2010

We have good news! Starting with 02 of December we have updated our database with more than 5millions new HTC codes! If you need any assistance please

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HTC 7 Pro – Great Design & Performance

With 1 GHz processor, 448MB RAM, 8GB of internal flash memory, QWERTY keyboard and great design led by a 3.6 inch screen, HTC 7 Pro is an exceptional Windows Phone 7 handset. (As always we have support unlocking HTC 7 Pro from day one)

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HTC Gold with Windows Phone 7

The biggest phone we can see of this baker’s dozen of a lineup is the HTC Gold, due to this mont and loaded with Microsoft’s mobile OS newcomer Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately, we do not know more. ( it will be the first to provide full support for unlocking HTC Gold)

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HTC 7 Melody & HTC Freestyle

On August 19th and October 21st HTC requested trademarks from US Patent and Trademark Office for two names: HTC 7 Melody and HTC Freestyle. Unfortunately, nobody knows anything about these phones. Anyhow it is probable that Melody is the US version of Mozart. (As you suspected it will be the first to provide full support for unlocking HTC 7 Melody and HTC Freestyle)

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UK Release Date for HTC Gratia

"HTC Gratia is now available across several European markets, and is on track to be released in the UK in Q1 2011 as originally planned. "We are looking forward to seeing people's response to HTC Gratia." (HTC) ( already provides full support for unlocking HTC Gratia)

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HTC Merge Leaks Again

Verizon is targeting business users with the new HTC Merge. There is no clear release date for HTC Merge but is very probable that Verizon will reveal this soon. ( already provides full support for unlocking HTC Merge)

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