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Unlocking Benefits


HTC Phone Unlocking Advantages

Use Your HTC Cell Phone With Any SIM from Any GSM Network

With an unlocked phone you can switch to any other GSM carrier anytime you want in order to take advantage of better rates. This can drastically reduce on your cell phone bills.

Eliminate Roaming Fees

By making use of lower priced networks SIM cards or local networks SIM cards you could make some serious savings on your call charges whilst travelling abroad.

Dual SIM Adapters

Unlocking your HTC will allow using a dual SIM adapter that allows to keep 2 SIM cards in one phone and switch them online any time you want! An unlocked HTC mobile phone with dual SIM cards is excellent for flexibility.

Simple, Fast and Easy

HTC unlocking takes only a few minutes and there is no software or technical knowledge required.

The Risk of Damaging Your Phone

Unlocking your HTC phone by using our method implies virtually no risk for your handset. Anyhow we advise you to check your phone documentation, manufacturer indications and/or any other valid source before purchasing from us. The unlocking process is very simple and require simply to enter the code directly via the phone keypad and your HTC is Unlocked. Anyhow be very careful, for some models you may have a limit tries to enter the correct code - usually the limit is set to 10 (for the exact limit for your model please check your handset manual). If you repetedly insert incorrect unlock codes your handset can get definitely blocked!

Increase Resale Value of Your HTC Phone

When you decide to buy a new phone, it is a good time to sell the old one. Unlocked HTC phones are easier to sell being up to 300% more valuable. Also, due to the fact that are compatible with more networks there will be more potential buyers.

One-time Event

After you will apply the Unlock Code received from us, your phone will be permanently unlocked. You can safely install applications, make changes in the configuration or even update the firmware or your handset.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee. If from some reason you are not happy with the results of the unlocking process we will give you a full refund.

Unlock your HTC now!

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